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If you have ever been to an amusement park or fair and had a caricature done of yourself, you know what a bad representation can look like. You sit and wait for some artist to draw a picture of you, and when the work is done and you finally get to see “you” on a canvas, it looks jacked up. Oh yeah, and then you pay the “artist” and your friends make fun of you.

The artist has taken different parts of you and exaggerated it to the point that you don’t look right. In fact, most of your friends wouldn’t see “you” in your own caricature. All of a sudden you have this huge nose or tiny eyes, and you start thinking, “Do I really look like that?” This is what has happened to Jesus Christ…especially in the South.

Movies have been made where Jesus speaks with a British accent. Pictures have been painted depicting a Jesus with perfect hair, caucasian complexion, and a feminine posture. We NEVER think of him smiling or telling jokes. We never see him arm wrestling anyone. We always see him as somber and brooding. This is all wrong. We are looking at a caricature, something that promises a portrait but delivers a joke. We would like to show you to who we say Jesus is and isn’t.