In our drive to start and coach church planting, we have developed a residency now in it’s second flight. This planter/pastoral residency is a 2 year course training men to either lead a church plant or go with a church plant and pastor alongside a lead pastor.

Although we have already had (and will continue to have) great families go to be with church plants and re-plants in the U.S., this residency is reserved for church planting we will be directly connected to as a sponsor church or campus.

This residency consists of 24 months of training in the form of monthly clinics for deeper exploration of key topics, personal pastoring/coaching, marital pastoring/coaching, specific and targeted reading assignments, bi-monthly cohort work, preaching/teaching responsibilities, outside lab-work, retreats, etc… It will cost the resident about 5-6 hours a week in time, not including time spent with responsibilities held at Legacy Church.

The idea behind the residency was to “fill in the gaps” unintentionally left by traditional training by leveraging experienced and thoughtful planters from the area and Acts29 Network. We focus on (1) the character and qualifications of the planter/pastor (2) the capacity and skill set of the planter/pastor (3) the theology of the planter/pastor and (4) the chemistry with the leadership team, planting team, and even the city and culture they will be planting in.

For more information, email us at with the subject “Legacy Residency” and someone will respond shortly.