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Our desire is to labor with God on His mission to display Himself in all the Earth through the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Beginning here at home, Legacy’s Redemption Groups join God’s mission to Knoxville by lifting up His gospel faithfully and skillfully to believers in desperate need of redemption from addiction and abuse. His glory is at stake in the hearts of the addicted because it is the worship of creation in place of God that binds us. His glory is at stake in the hearts of the abused because it is distrust of His nature and promises that alienates us. It is beholding His glory alone that frees us from our idols and hardened distrust. Here, we seek to equip struggling believers at Legacy with the gospel to expel their idols by means of a joyful worship of God.”

Click here to contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our redemption groups. All information is kept confidential.

We love you, and we want to serve you the best we can. To get ahold of us, e-mail is likely the best bet.

Leading the redemption groups:

You can feel free to contact any of us with questions about joining a group or beginning the training process to lead a group.

Our Curriculum…

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