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Hello Knoxville

We are a people by the Gospel and for the Gospel.
We commit to showing you Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities. We commit that Legacy Church belongs to Jesus, not us. We commit to telling you the truth about what Jesus says, even if it is hard and means some of you will never return. We commit to telling his story, not just ours, because it is more important and honestly, ours is boring without him in the center. We commit to spending our money and time serving the parts of Knoxville and people of Knoxville that need Jesus’ rescue. We commit to gathering around a King, not a building or a service. We commit to confronting the sin that tears you and your family apart, sometimes unbeknownst to you or your family. We commit to taking chances and attempting things only possible with God’s hand. We commit to making Jesus more famous than our church.
We commit to loving you, but declaring war on the things drawing you away from Jesus. We commit to doing our best to love and serve you. We will all see our Maker and King soon. He will restore the whole world to the way it’s supposed to be. He will make all things new, wiping away all tears, as we worship him together in his presence forever. This gives us great hope, as we sacrifice it all for your good and his glory. We love you Knoxville, but only because almighty God loved you first. Thank you for hearing our heart. Sincerely, The leadership of Legacy Church
Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Lead Teaching Pastor West Site

My Story...

I was born in Odessa, TX and spent my entire life in Midland, TX. I spent most of my childhood attending a small Baptist church there. In my teen years, I walked away from the church and then firmly gave my life to the Lord in 2009.
God used a destructive sin pattern of my life to ultimately and sovereignly save me. I was separated from my bride and family due to that sin and in the midst of that sin, God chose to save my wife and then used her greatly to reveal himself to me. I never knew the real God before that. Grace was just a word until that moment. Brandie, by the grace of God, was able to see past my failure as a husband and sin as a human and preach and pray for and to my soul.

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